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Have you heard of Prosopagnosia before?  Many people haven’t, even medical and psychological professionals.  Many of those who have heard of Prosopagnosia before have heard of it in the context of someone who has had a stroke or a head injury or maybe as a feature of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.  Much more rarely has someone heard of a child with Prosopagnosia that does not have one of these other conditions too.

Two years ago, we found out through a battery of neuropsychological testing that NDEW has this neurological disorder.  It’s also sometimes also called “face blindness.”  We have discovered that a lot of people don’t know about Prosopagnosia-we had never heard of it ourselves-so I have decided to dedicate a page to it on this blog.  Even though we have known about NDEW’s face blindness for two years, we sometimes still feel like we are just beginning to learn about this admittedly fascinating disorder and what it means for NDEW and for us as his parents.  As we learn and find new resources, we share them here.  I’ll also share short stories of our journey with prosopagnosia from time to time. Feel free to read and ask questions. We’re happy to share what we’re learning!


Stories about Our Family’s Journey with Face Blindness

A little about NDEW’s diagnosis: NDEW Prosopagnosia Diagnosis

More about NDEW’s experience with prosopagnosia and how we arrived at this diagnosis. Learning More about Prosopagnosia

Some great articles and blogs related to Prosopagnosia:  Here are links to some articles, blogs and videos I have found on prosopagnosia.  I’ll add to these links as I find more.  Feel free to send me any links you might know of too!

I Can’t See Faces-5 Weird Facts About My Life (Be warned: This articles contains quite a bit of colorful language.  I included it here though because it is one of the better descriptions I’ve seen of day-to-day life with face blindness.)

Research into Face Blindness and White Matter Structure in the Brain

Information about Developmental Prosopagnosia in Children

Story about living with Prosopagnosia in a business setting

Can’t Recognize Your Friends? 

Living with Face Blindness

Why Some are Blind to Faces

A History of Research Into Prosopagnosia

Tara’s Blog: Partially about living with Face Blindness

An Interview with Tara about Living with Face Blindness

An article and video on research into brain function and face blindness

Vogue Editor Lynn Yaeger discusses her Face Blindness

Heather Sellers shares about her face blindness

CBS 60 Minutes story about face blindness with links to video

Glenn Alperin’s Blog about living with Face Blindness


2 thoughts on “Prosopagnosia

  1. Wonderful! May I please link to this page from my blog? Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list of resources!

    Lori D.

  2. wsquared77 on said:

    Absolutely! Link away! I’m glad you found it helpful. I find it’s helpful to have one place to direct friends and family when they want to know more about our son’s prosopagnosia. 🙂

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