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Prosopagnosia…..say what?!?

Have you heard of Prosopagnosia before? Many people haven’t, even medical and psychological professionals. Many of those who have heard of Prosopagnosia before have heard of it in the context of someone who has had a stroke or a head injury or maybe as a feature of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Much more rarely has someone heard of a child with Developmental Prosopagnosia that does not have one of these other conditions too.
Well, we’ve always said that NDEW doesn’t do things the normal way!
As you may remember, we recently had a neuropsychologist evaluate NDEW. The results were not what we expected. NDEW has a neurological disorder called Prosopagnosia or “face blindness.” We have discovered that a lot of people don’t know about Prosopagnosia-we had never heard of it ourselves-so I have decided to dedicate a page to it on this blog. See the link to it right up there at the top right, by the one that says “About Our Family”? You can click on that link and read more about Prosopagnosia in general and what we’re learning about how it impacts NDEW. The first post is already up!

Jane Goodall Chuck CloseOliver Sacks

Did you know what Jane Goodall has Prosopagnosia? So does American portraitist Chuck Close and famed neurologist Oliver Sacks. Just a couple of interesting facts we’ve learned about this, admittedly, fascinating disorder. Just one more thing that makes NDEW truly unique!


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2 thoughts on “Prosopagnosia…..say what?!?

  1. I often times think developmental prosopagnosia is a lot like color blindness: People that are born with it never know anything different. It is not until they are tested and diagnosed do they realize what they see -and how they process what they see-do they realize there is anything wrong.

    Thank you for offering more information on this condition to help make others aware.

    • wsquared77 on said:

      You are absolutely right! Our son had no idea that he viewed people differently than others. On the other hand, he (and we) did know that he experienced a huge amount of anxiety in certain types of situations (and not in others where you would expect some anxiety) so there must be something going on. We started looking for answers when he was fairly young and it’s been a multi-year process to get to this point. We have gone down so many diagnositc pathways, only to find that the different diagnoses didn’t fit him. His dad and I (with the encouragement and support of lots of people) just kept seeking answers until we got here. There is still SO much to learn, but we already feel that we understand him and can support him so much better. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting!

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