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Our Weekend Projects

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to share a couple of projects from this weekend.

First, I did end up putting together some activity kits for NDEW.  Here they are!

Activity Kits

There are 11 different kits:
A solar system model
Wax paper stained glass pictures
A knitting Nancy
Lego stamp pictures
Make a robot collage
Doodle on the Moon (big moon poster put up on NDEW’s wall that he gets to decorate however he wishes.)
Platonic Solid models to decorate and put together
Designing and building a balloon powered Lego car
Drinking Straw Pan Flute
Rain Bottle
Paint chip city art project

You can find the inspiration or instructions for each of these projects on our “Activity Kits” Pinterest Board.

For our second project we made a giant geoboard.  I found it, where else, on Pinterest!  You can find the instructions here:


Here are some pictures of ours!  It was super easy to make and we’ve already had a lot of fun making designs on it.  We’ll use it for all sorts of math lessons (and fun!) in the future too!

Geoboard 1

Geoboard 2


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