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How did our first week go?

So here we are, at the end of our first week of homeschooling.  How did it go?  Pretty well!  Let’s see how our plan held up, shall we?

Hubby and NDEW ended up covering probably 90% of what we had planned for them to cover.  Not bad for our first baby steps into this!  During the week NDEW actually chose to write for longer than asked/scheduled a couple of times which was really encouraging.  Hopefully this writing avoidance might be easier to overcome than we think!  Also, his solar system board game ended up taking him less time than he planned out so he added making a PowerPoint about the planets to his multi-day projects.  A trip to the pet store during the week for dog food also turned into an impromptu field trip thanks to a really sweet guy who works there and took the time to share with NDEW all about some of the cool animals they had and even let him hold a baby albino corn snake.  It was quite the highlight of the week.


One thing we did discover was that we needed to plan a little better for those times when hubby may have to step away for a work-related call, especially on Wednesdays.  NDEW, being used to being in a school situation where someone else (the teacher) told him what to do next when he finished one activity, had a hard time moving on to something else without hubby’s direction.  He would work really well by himself while hubby was on the phone, but if he finished the activity or task, he would go stand by hubby and wait for direction…even if hubby was on the phone.  Sometimes trying to pantomime his question of “What should I do next?”  LOL


So, to help with that, we did a couple of things.  First, I made a sign for hubby:

Dad is busy sign

He actually does all of his work calls through the computer so it is sometimes admittedly difficult to tell when he’s on the phone.  Hubby will put up the sign when he’s on the phone or for some other reason unable to stop what he’s doing to answer NDEW’s questions.


Secondly, I made a list of possible activities for NDEW and posted it near his desk.  It’s simple suggestions for things that he can do without hubby’s direction.  The list does include “work on a project you’ve already started” to let him know that it’s okay for him to work on one of his bigger projects even if it’s not the “right time” to be working on it.  We know it will take a little while for NDEW to become more self-directed in his learning as he gets used to this new adventure so we decided to provide him a little support along the way.


The absolute best thing this week was that we had a kid who was super excited about learning.  Every night when I came home he was chomping at the bit to share with me about what he had learned.  That might be to show me his board game, or his PowerPoint, or to play for me on his recorder.  He would talk about the information they covered and I heard lots of “Did you know…..?”  I think he might even be more excited about this homeschooling adventure than hubby and I are!  To everyone he talked to, be it his grandmother on the phone, the folks at the library, or our waiter at dinner, he would somehow figure out a way to tell them that he was homeschooled and that it was “AWESOME!!!”  I know that it won’t always be this smooth and that we’re probably in a bit of a honeymoon period, but we’ll take it!  Onward to week two!


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